January 13, 2020

The Big Innovation Challenge

Welcome to the 2innov8 network platform.

We are excited to be launching our new business at a time when transformational technology and a need for change has never been more essential to a company’s future well-being. 

We are proud to be in a strong position to help accelerate success in business for 2020 and beyond. 

We see many future trends that will give companies uncertainty and reasons to be cautious about making commitments, however for those companies and businesses that are willing to take a leap of faith in this new exciting technological revolution will reap the rewards, as others flounder. 

For many years data has been positioned as the most valuable commodity companies will own in the future, if not already. As new advancements in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence refine their place in the way in which business processes and customer engagements perform their daily duties, automation of these tasks will enable companies to carry out such processes in a way never thought to be possible before.

The big challenge for companies is to navigate the unnecessary complexity often presented by sellers of such services. The route for success will be to bring simplicity and consistency to the way in which we engage these opportunities. The 2innov8 programme of ‘disrupt’ helps companies position themselves for success.

How to positively disrupt your marketplace

The Opportunity

Finding opportunities is often the easy task, the big challenge will be how to engage your complete organisation to embrace the possibilities and benefits that can unlock transformation. 2innov8 recognise this starts with a culture shift of an organisation that will be fundamental to any company being able to unlock opportunities. Our Masterclass programme has been designed to embrace all levels of your business, bring confidence, ownership and accountability from the ‘bottom-up’, not the ‘top-down’. 

2innov8 Masterclass Programme

Extending your business reach

Two critical factors for success is to establish an organisation that recognises the possibilities of transforming through technology and a culture shift at all levels. Achieving this enables transformational growth for companies that are willing to push the boundaries of their business model and the ways in which services are delivered, products are developed and the customer experience has been put at the heart of the way you do business. 

2innov8 Venture Programme

2innov8 will continuously make investments in new products and services that will help define the simplicity of deploying sustainable solutions. We are proud to announce our first major investment (product) ‘Connected Safety Net’ which will demonstrate the power of digitalisation and making our working environment a safer place to be. We have many new and exciting ventures under construction that will be updated on our latest news page throughout the year. Feel free to connect with our Managing Partners for any specific interest you may have. We look forward to connecting.

Paul Richardson

Managing Partner

Specialising in Customer Programmes and M&A

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